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Tell us a bit about yourself ...

I specialise in maritime and transport law and as such, I represent Belgian and foreign companies in the context of collisions, cargo disputes, seizure of ships and bunkers and interlocutory proceedings, and in disputes involving charter agreements. I help my clients grow their logistics structures and assist them with general commercial law problems.

Astrea, not just another law firm?

We excel by keeping things simple. I am allergic to legalistic answers, which actually generate even more questions. We always try to achieve a clear solution, and if possible bring a fresh approach to a problem. In this respect, we are more entrepreneurs than academics.

My most stressful moment was ...

Frankly, in my sector, most days are high-pressure days. If a ship is subject to a seizure order, a horrifying amount of money is being wasted every hour. You have to drop everything and find a solution as quickly as possible. I regularly experience these sorts of races against the clock. They provide me with a constant rush of adrenalin.

What has someone said or written about you of which you are especially proud?

After I'd solved a ship seizure case for a large London shipping company, I received a lengthy thank-you email, and I saw my name at the top of a list of recommendations they sent to their international network. On the basis of that one list, I am now getting requests from Singapore, Hong Kong and many other corners of the world. It's safe to say that I am very proud of that.


Growing up with lawyers in the family, my interest in legal practice started developing very early. I am involved in the execution of commercial law contracts and judicial or arbitral decisions in the logistics and maritime sectors.