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French Desk

Astrea has many years of experience when it comes
to advising French companies and investors seeking
to establish themselves in Belgium, market their
products or services in the country or that are
embroiled in a dispute with a Belgian company.
Astrea created its French Desk in order to provide
optimal support to our French clients and
correspondent firms.

The French Desk is home to a multidisciplinary team of
lawyers who are either first-language French speakers or
are fluent in the language. Many of them graduated from
French-speaking universities and they have much
experience with French clients and are familiar with the
French culture and economy. That makes the French
Desk the perfect consultation partner for French business
contacts or companies that wish to establish themselves
in Belgium.

The lawyers remain in close contact with many French
law firms and other professionals and they travel
regularly to France in order to follow up on those
relationships as well as to attend seminars and

This also means that Astrea is the perfect choice for
providing front-line advice to Belgian companies
requiring legal support in France, selecting the ideal
French counsel and assisting French companies that
have projects or interests in Belgium.

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