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& Distribution law

& Distribution law

Our Commercial law and distribution team specializes in advising on diverse commercial
agreements, including distribution and concession contracts, sales contracts, leases, service
contracts and general cooperation agreements.

We assist our national and international clientele in launching, performing and terminating activities within all possible forms of distribution, including exclusive distribution concessions, commercial agencies, franchises, selective distribution and commission-based agreements.

We also support the distributors of products and services in the event of a dispute arising with respect to the performance of and/or termination of agreements, whether these disputes are brought before the standard courts or the courts of arbitration.

Our practice also covers all aspects of unfair competition and consumer protection under both Belgian and consumer law. We advise our clients in the areas of advertising, sales promotion, sales methods and commercial practices, labelling, product legislation, unfair terms in B2C and B2B contracts, etc.

Our international network of correspondent law firms means that we are also able to provide our services to international and foreign companies wishing to create a sales network in Belgium or to Belgian companies active abroad.

Our services

  • Commercial agreements
  • Commercial disputes
  • Distribution law
  • Market practices and consumer law
  • Dispute resolution
  • Attachment law and execution law
  • Collection of debts