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Insurance law

Our Insurance law team is available to advise national and international clients on liability issues and to support them in the event of legal proceedings. We also have a great deal of experience in the world of credit insurance.

Credit insurance protects you against the risk of a client being unable to pay for supplied goods and services due to the client going into liquidation or a suspension of payments. Companies protect their transactions against non-payment by taking out credit insurance.

The interplay between contractual and non-contractual liability can be extraordinarily complex, given that the law imposes strict rules in this regard. And that is why it is strongly recommended that you seek expert legal advice for any insurance matters.

Our Insurance law team guides insurers and insured parties through the process of assessing whether it is pertinent to take out credit or other insurance, in negotiating on and collecting cover and in other disputes and interpretations relating to liability insurance and credit insurance.

Our services

  • Insurance and liability law
  • Credit insurance
  • Financial supervision
  • Insurance brokering