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Transport & Logistics

Our Transport and Logistics team offers specialist advice on maritime law and transport law,
logistics contracts and the arrest of ships or attachment of property.

With our head office in Antwerp, home to the second-largest port in Europe, our team has much
experience in providing support to maritime companies in the event of a vessel being arrested or
property attached, cargo damage, collisions and the law of general average, leasing vessels and
maritime assessments.

Our Transport and logistics team represents both shipping interests and those of the goods carried and it assists both individuals, such as hauliers and stevedores, as well as competent public agencies. We also draw up a range of contracts and framework agreements for logistics providers and charterers.

In order to provide you with the best possible advice and support, our Transport and logistics team relies on an extensive international network of specialist partners in locations around the world, including Rotterdam, London, Hamburg, Singapore, New York and Hong Kong.

Our services

  • Maritime law and transport law
  • Arrest of a ship, attachment of freight or cargo
  • Logistics contracts