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Assistance of DPG Media with the launch of streaming platform STREAMZ and the set-up, in this respect, of their joint-venture with TELENET

Work highlight | Frédéric Verspreeuwen / Seppe Laenen / Barbara Terriere / Steven De Schrijver / Olivier Van Fraeyenhoven / Levi Van Dijck / Jan van Loon / Thaïssa Nuyens / Annalyne Van de Steene / Jonas Jespers

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Astrea advised DPG Media (, the largest commercial broadcaster in Belgium, with the negotiation of a joint-venture with TELENET (, a listed mobility services provider, to launch and commercialize a brand-new local streaming platform called STREAMZ (   The transaction was managed by Frédéric Verspreeuwen and Seppe Laenen, assisted by a multidisciplinary team at Astrea involved in the different aspects of the deal including on the development of the streaming platform, datasharing, content licenses, advertisement and commercialization of the STREAMZ offering.