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What we do

Astrea services

Devoted experts that are highly skilled in almost all legal issues

that companies are faced with, providing our clients with an
all-in service. After all, it is rare for legal issues to be restricted
to a single field of the law, on top of which the world of law is
becoming ever more complex.

Astrea will put together a specialist legal team on the basis of

what you require, which will work closely with you in order to
create an efficient solution for your business.

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Accessibility, expertise and proactivity are the keywords
of our approach. We believe firmly in providing a high-quality
and cost efficient service that is based on a relationship of trust
with you, the client.

Our mission is to create realistic and pragmatic solutions
for your legal issues. We support our clients' professional
activities by combining a passion for our field with respect for
the areas in which our clients and colleagues operate.

Devotion, integrity, openness, professionalism and collegiality
are the underlying values of this formula for success,
and through this Astrea aims to distinguish itself from
other legal service providers on the Belgian market.

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Our sector

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Our expertise covers a large expanse of the law,
and over the years we have accumulated much
specific specialist knowledge in a number
of specific sectors, making us very much at home
in the specific wide-ranging legal issues that are
inherent to those sectors.
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Our multidisciplinary teams are always happy to
provide you with support for legal issues in many
sectors, but over the years we have gained top-notch sector specific knowledge in the automotive, life sciences
and petrochemical industries as well as property,
sport, media and entertainment, technology and
transport and logistics.
We offer integrated solutions to meet your specific requirements, allowing you to achieve your business objectives.


While Astrea has strong local roots and provides legal
support to many Belgian companies at a national,
regional and local level, over half of our work involves
an international aspect.

This fact has resulted in us building up an extensive network
of personal contacts at foreign law firms over the years,
contacts that can assist our clients in international transactions
or disputes, starting up foreign companies or commercial activities
or advising them on the applicable laws.

This allows us to guarantee international legal support while
retaining that personal approach.

Because we have personal contacts with many pre-eminent
lawyers based outside of Belgium, and also because of our
high standards of quality, pragmatic approach, rapid response
time and accessibility, prestigious foreign law firms often refer their
own clients to us and we seamlessly cooperate with them to
obtain the best possible result for these clients. We have dealt
with a range of major projects that fall under Belgian law or that
involve a Belgian angle.

In order to better service German-speaking and French-speaking
clients, we have established two foreign desks.