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Media, entertainment
& sport

Our lawyers are very much at home in the fast-changing worlds of media, entertainment and sports. We have much expertise when it comes to games of chance, media and television, video games and other games and sports, and we have accumulated years of experience in the entertainment sector, with a strong focus on the theatre, musicals and concerts.

If you are a part of the media, entertainment and sports sector you can rely on our team to draft and negotiate almost any contract imaginable, while we are also very well-versed in all the related regulatory aspects. We support our clients when it comes to competition law, company law, privacy law, consumer protection, market practices, social law, IP and many other realms.

Our clients also call on us to represent them in proceedings before Belgian and EU courts and the competition authorities, and we also assist them with specific authorities, such as the Gaming Commission or the Flemish Regulator for the Media (VRM). We also have experience in arbitration proceedings, such as those conducted by the Belgian Court of Arbitration for Sports.

Our services

  • Transactions
  • Regulatory advice
  • Administrative law
  • IT, intellectual property and privacy law
  • Corporate law
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Media contracts
  • Dispute resolution
  • Sponsoring