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Astrea’s lawyers have built up many years’ worth of experience and expertise in the transport and logistics sector and supply chain management, with a special focus on maritime transport. Our clientele includes shipping companies, ship builders, banks, insurance companies, P&I agents, freight forwarders, public agencies and other logistics service providers.

In a small and open economy such as Belgium’s, transport is indisputably one of country’s economic drivers. And, with Antwerp being one of Europe’s largest ports, maritime transport plays a significant role in that.

The specific international nature of the sector means that professional legal advice is essential in the event of issues or disputes. Our experienced lawyers are happy to bring their experience aboard when it comes to providing legal support to our clients in the transport and logistics sector.

Our services

  • Transactions
  • Maritime law and transport law
  • Attachments and execution
  • Insurance and liability
  • Statutory regulations
  • Warehousing and logistics contracts
  • Employment law
  • Environmental law
  • Port concessions