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Employment law

Our Employment law team specializes in employment law and social security. We provide legal
advice for individual employment matters, collective negotiations (collective agreements), the employment
law aspects of mergers and acquisitions (collective agreement 32bis), international
employment and employment-related privacy matters (GDPR).

We are happy to support you in your HR policy, whether you are recruiting or engaged in individual or collective dismissal proceedings. We are also at your service to deal with the social security law aspects of mergers and acquisitions, such as the transfer of employees and provision of information to the works council, as well as for all employee-related aspects of the protection of privacy and the application of the GDPR. Our Employment law team also specializes in social security, including the reimbursement of costs and reduction of contributions.

When it comes to international employment, we will guide you through the employment laws, social security rules and tax regimes of other nations and assist you to comply with immigration requirements for non-EU citizens, such as work permits and visa applications.

We are also available for personal and problem-solving advice in all matters involving employment law and will support you, where necessary, in legal proceedings before the labour courts. We work closely with our colleagues in other departments so that we can guarantee cross-disciplinary legal expertise.

Our services

  • Individual employment law (for individual employment contracts, bonus plans or dismissals)
  • Collective employment law (standing employment conditions, collective agreements)
  • Social security
  • Wages and fringe benefits, group insurance (supplementary pensions)
  • International employment and immigration
  • Welfare at work (health and safety, workplace bullying, #metoo)
  • Outsourcing, avoiding prohibited secondments
  • Transfer of employees in the event of a company being acquired (collective agreement
  • Protection of privacy (GDPR)