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The Insolvency team is there for you, whether you are a creditor or debtor, and will provide
strategic, legal and technical advice when you are faced with insolvency risks or issues. We
are available for a wide array of advice, from securing your receivables to restructuring one or
more companies, including on the international stage. In order to ensure business continuity, it
is crucial that you find proper legal support at an early stage.

Pre-insolvency and business and financial risks can make the future seem very insecure. A financial and legal analysis will underpin a plan of action and the right measures for retaining capital and business value, including employment relationships. The process can either be performed outside of the courts or by means of judicial protection or a judicial reorganisation.

When other legal disciplines play a role, Astrea will put together a custom team of specialist lawyers for each case. The expertise the team has to offer ranges from assisting in talks with banks through to dealing with companies and other legal matters.

The Insolvency team has handled many international cases over the years, giving it wide experience in all aspects of international insolvency law, including European Union legislation and the UNCITRAL instruments. Thanks to the fact that we are a part of international networks, excellent personal contacts and correspondent firms are available to the team.

Our services

  • Reorganisation and continuity
  • International insolvency law
  • Insolvency and disputes