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Administrative law
& Public law

Our Administrative law and Public law team specializes in advising and representing companies, individuals and public authorities and agencies in respect of administrative and public law.

We have a great deal of experience in environmental and planning law, urban planning and
development, public contracts, public-private partnerships, compulsory purchases, administrative
disputes and government liability.

Procurement law is continuously evolving. Our team specializes in complex cases and projects, both on behalf of the contractor as well as the tenderer. An understanding of the strategies employed by the counterparty allows us to anticipate and deal with them.

The experience and expertise of our Administrative law and public law team means that we are able to provide pragmatic and cost-effective advice in various industries, with a special focus on regulated telecommunications, the media and gambling.

Our services

  • Environmental and planning law, permits
  • Urban planning and development
  • Compulsory purchases
  • Public contracts
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Public-private partnerships (PPPs)
  • Government liability