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Real Estate

Our Property law team advises both public authorities and private clients on issues involving
urban development and the environment and planning, and represents
them in dispute resolution proceedings before civil and administrative courts.

We specialize in all legal aspects with respect to the management, development and transfer of
immoveable property. These fields often overlap with other areas of the law, such as ownership law, environmental and planning law, urban development laws, company law and tax law.

Construction contract law also falls under our expertise. We advise and defend the interests of owners and clients, (sub-)contractors, architects, project developers and engineering firms in the context of private construction law and contract law.

Our Property law team defends clients if business premises or accommodation are found to be
defective and supports them in the event of them being held liable.

Our services

  • Environmental and planning law
  • Ownership law and collateral security
  • Construction contract law
  • Property financing
  • Property transactions
  • Vacancy rates and neglect
  • Public-private partnerships