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German Desk

Germany is a major trading partner for Belgium in
terms of both imports and exports. Trading with or in
Germany often means that specific legal questions
arise, and Astrea has brought together its expertise
in its German Desk in order to deal with these.

Our German Desk consists of lawyers who have lived in
Germany for extended periods and are experienced in
cross-border matters. Their familiarity with the language
and their expertise are excellent assets, as our lawyers
are able to advise you in German and read or draw up
contracts without having to rely on outside parties.

The lawyers that staff our German Desk maintain very
close contact with many German-speaking law firms and
other professionals, and they travel regularly to Germany,
Austria and Switzerland in order to follow up on those
relationships as well as to attend seminars and

This also means that Astrea is the perfect choice for
providing front-line advice to Belgian companies
requiring legal support in Germany, Austria or Switzerland,
selecting the ideal German-speaking counsel and
assisting German companies that have projects or
interests in Belgium.

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